Halo Wars 2 Art Series

In celebration of the launch of Halo Wars 2, Xbox and 343 Industries partnered with three famed artists for a limited edition poster series. Each artist used their unique style to capture the memorable characters of Halo Wars 2.

Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki, Craig Drake, and Kevin Tong each take on two opposing characters, portraying the conflict between the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire and the new enemy faction, the Banished.

They took it one step further by bringing the Halo Wars 2 Original Art Series to life in six cities across the country. Local artists in each city delivered fans the opportunity to experience an interactive look into the Art Series by transforming a piece from the collection into massive spray-painted murals.

Finally, the poster art series went on sale in a limited run and sold out immediately, showing the connection fans had with the project.