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With over half a century of experience in entertainment marketing tripleclix is uniquely positioned to create a plan specified to your needs. Each of us have experience creating activations that will expand your product’s scope and reach. It is our focus to maximize your engagement across multiple pillars of your market, whether gaming, film, music, or other. Once your product has launched we will then provide analytic data that provides insight into future growth opportunities.


Building collaborations between brands is one of the most influential parts of marketing. While most brands focus on their silo and hitting their key demographics there are greater opportunities in aligning with brands in other markets. We believe in the power of bringing companies together, mixing their separate brands into unique promotions that leverage the power of their products.


We have the connections with global celebrities and tastemakers to give your products increased visibility in the marketplace. With the leverage of social media and an always connected internet your product can be seen by billions of additional eyes. Your brand can be used to guide, inspire, and motivate consumers around the globe.


Content is the key connection between consumers and brands. We create authentic and organic placements that allow companies access to their fanbases and larger consumer demographics. Let us help you generate unique material that will attract larger engagement to your content in collaboration with the world’s best IP creators.


Licensing is important in leveraging powerful global brands into increased revenue and marketing opportunities. Finding the right merchandising partners is a crucial component of maximizing the quality and impact of your products. We can bring you the best brands to fit your licensing needs.


We see events as the center of an experience brought into the market. Launch parties in which fans can experience a new level of product. A store takeover that promotes an experience in a way that brings consumers closer to their favorite brands. Events are for consumers, allowing them to explore new ways in which to connect with their favorite forms of entertainment.